Welcome to . We offer you the opportunity to:
  • Have a website developed.
    Are you thinking about having a website for yourself, your company or your association? Then let AlfaLand do the website development for you.
  • Download QualiSoft Public Domain and Shareware programs.
    The QualiSoft programs comprise file encryption, a comprehensive selection of utilities plus Danish Banko and Lotto. Try for example Disk Guru - an advanced and unique disk utility program.
  • Display information about your browser session.
    The Browser Session Information page displays detailed information about your current browser session and your client computer. If you are going through a proxy, it will also display information about the proxy server.
  • Download smartphone wallpapers.
    On the Wallpapers page you can download some nice wallpapers for variuos Android smartphones. You should take a look at them. Maybe some of them will also fit your smartphone.
  • Finally, you may learn something about AlfaLand's webmaster Svend Erik Baarsby.

Website development Website development (Danish page)
QualiSoft programs QualiSoft Public Domain and Shareware programs
Browser Session Information Browser Session Information
Wallpapers Smartphone wallpapers
Svend Erik Baarsby Svend Erik Baarsby's personal home page
Meaning of Alfa The meaning of Alfa

Learn from the mistakes of others.
You don't live long enough to make them all yourself.

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